2012 Adult League
2012 Adult League Mens 3.0

This is a list of all teams in NorCal that have registered at this level.
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Looking If a team has this green icon next to their team name, they have indicated that they are open to new players. Please click on the team name and email the team captain/coach directly to find out more information about joining their team.

Team nameCaptainCityAreaOrganizationCreated
ALMADEN SR M3.0A Palmaffy,MichaelSAN JOSESBAlmaden Swim and Racquet Club01/30/2012
ANTELOPE TA/ANTELOPE COMMUNITY PK M3.0A Mabe,JackAntelopeSAAntelope Community Park01/30/2012
BENICIA TA/BENICIA HS M3.0A Bazan,DanielBeniciaNSBenicia High School01/30/2012
BIG C M3.0A Defiebre,KenConcordDNBig 'C' Athletic Club02/18/2012
BLACKHAWK CC M3.0A Hall,MichaelDANVILLEDSBlackhawk Country Club02/24/2012
BROADSTONE RC M3.0A Lim,TossFOLSOMSABroadstone Sports Club01/30/2012
CASTLEWOOD CC M3.0A Morris,CliffPLEASANTONDSCastlewood Country Club02/06/2012
CHICO RC M3.0A De La Rosa,VictorCHICONCChico Racquet Club and Resort02/20/2012
CLAREMONT R and S M3.0A Zucker,ChadBERKELEYDNClaremont Resort and Spa01/30/2012
CLOVIS TC/CLOVIS NORTH HS M3.0A Carrejo,GregFresnoFAClovis North High School02/25/2012
CLUBSPORT FR M3.0A Lam,ArthurFREMONTDSBay Club Fremont02/11/2012
CLUBSPORT SR M3.0A Del Rio,OliverSAN RAMONDSClub Sport San Ramon02/01/2012
CLUBSPORT VV M3.0A Carbajal,CarlosWALNUT CREEKDNClubsport Valley Vista01/30/2012
COPPER RIVER CC M3.0A Sankey,DougFRESNOFACopper River Country Club02/07/2012
COURTSIDE M3.0A Freiman,MarshallLOS GATOSLPBay Club Courtside02/24/2012
COURTSIDE M3.0B Bolka,StefanLOS GATOSLPBay Club Courtside02/24/2012
CRANE PK M3.0A Knudsen,DavidSt. HelenaNSCrane Park02/29/2012
CUPERTINO HLS M3.0A Smithline,AdamCUPERTINOLPCupertino Hills Swim Rac01/30/2012
CUPERTINO TC/CUPERTINO SC M3.0A Kunzler,RobCupertinoLPCupertino Sports Center02/04/2012
DECATHLON M3.0A Gabbett,DustinSANTA CLARASBBay Club - Santa Clara02/19/2012
DIAMOND HILLS M3.0A Macksoud,AlexanderOAKLEYDNDiamond Hills Sports Club01/30/2012
DIAMOND HILLS M3.0B Alcantara,JesseOAKLEYDNDiamond Hills Sports Club01/30/2012
FIG GARDEN M3.0A Farrell,JohnFRESNOFAFig Garden Swim & Racquet Club02/22/2012
FREMONT TC M3.0A Sethuraman,RaghavanFREMONTDSFremont Tennis Center02/04/2012
GLTF/SAN FRAN ST U M3.0A Miller,HowardSAN FRANCISCOSFSan Francisco State University01/31/2012
GLTF/SAN FRAN ST U M3.0B Taylor,MatthewSAN FRANCISCOSFSan Francisco State University02/05/2012
GOLD RIVER RC M3.0A Distefano,MarcGOLD RIVERSAGold River Sports Club01/30/2012
GOLDEN GATE PK M3.0A Zaveri,AkashSan FranciscoSFGolden Gate Park Tennis Complex02/13/2012
GOLDEN GATEWY M3.0A Digirolamo,GeoffSAN FRANCISCOSFBay Club at The Gateway01/31/2012
JADE PK M3.0A D'Antonio,MichaelCapitolaMBJade Street Park02/22/2012
JOHNSON RANCH M3.0A Corey,ScottROSEVILLESAJohnson Ranch Sports Club02/13/2012
LA MADRONA SR M3.0A Hipwell,DouglasSANTA CRUZMBLa Madrona Athletic Club02/24/2012
LADERA OAKS/FREMONT HILLS M3.0A huntington,hillLOS ALTOS HILLSUPFremont Hills Country Club02/11/2012
LAFAYETTE TC M3.0A Shaffer,EdwardLAFAYETTEDNLafayette Tennis Club02/08/2012
LANEY COLLEGE M3.0A Chang,HenryOAKLANDDNLaney Tennis02/11/2012
LANEY COLLEGE M3.0B Chang,HenryOAKLANDDNLaney Tennis02/15/2012
LOS GATOS SR M3.0A Ghijsen,WalterLOS GATOSLPLos Gatos Swim and Racquet Club02/13/2012
MEADOW STC M3.0A Barmmer,ScottORINDADNMeadow Swim Tennis Clb02/22/2012
MILLENNIUM-VACA M3.0A Motta,JamesVACAVILLENSIn-Shape Vacaville Browns Valley02/14/2012
MORGAN HILL TC/MORGAN HILL TC M3.0A Watanabe,HowardMorgan HillSBMorgan Hill Tennis Center02/11/2012
OLYMPIC M3.0A Pirri,AngeloSAN FRANCISCOSFOlympic Club02/23/2012
PENINSULA TC M3.0A Podolsky,MichaelBURLINGAMEUPPeninsula Tennis Club02/19/2012
PLEASANT HILL/PLEASANT HILL MIDDLE M3.0A Baba,HormozPleasant HillDNPleasant Hill Middle School02/23/2012
RANCHO COLORADOS M3.0A Elings,RobertLAFAYETTEDNRancho Colorados Tennis Swim Club01/30/2012
RIO DEL MAR M3.0A Ziegler,JonathanAPTOSMBRio Del Mar Tennis Club01/30/2012
ROSEVILLE CTA/MAHANY PK M3.0A Illustrisimo,JoelRosevilleSAMahany Park02/04/2012
ROUND HILL CC M3.0A Hertz,LarryALAMODSRound Hill Country Club02/23/2012
SAN CARLOS TC/ARGUELLO PK M3.0A Farcich,JohnSan CarlosUPArguello Park02/04/2012
SAN FRAN TC M3.0A Sternberg,DavidSAN FRANCISCOSFBay Club SF Tennis02/02/2012
SEASCAPE SC M3.0A Goetz,PeterAPTOSMBSeascape Sports Club02/26/2012
SUN OAKS T F M3.0A Dobonye,ChuckREDDINGNCSun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Club02/24/2012
SUN OAKS T F M3.0B Campbell,StephenREDDINGNCSun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Club02/26/2012
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC M3.0A Kolpe,KiranSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center02/10/2012
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC M3.0B Mosgofian,KarlSunnyvaleSBSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center02/16/2012
WALNUT CREEK M3.0A Sovik,JohnWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center01/31/2012