2014 Mixed Doubles 18 & Over
2014 Mixed 18 & Over 9.0

This is a list of all teams in NorCal that have registered at this level.
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Team nameCaptainCityAreaOrganizationCreated
ARDEN PK 18MX9.0A Kessing,BetsySacramentoSAArden Park Recreation & Park04/28/2014
BAY CLUB REDWOOD SHORES 18MX9.0A Saviano,ThomasREDWOOD CITYMPBay Clubs Redwood Shores05/05/2014
BAY CLUB SF TENNIS 18MX9.0A Burnstein,MichaelSAN FRANCISCOSFBay Club SF Tennis05/20/2014
BAY CLUB SF TENNIS 18MX9.0B Magallanes,MarinetteSAN FRANCISCOSFBay Club SF Tennis05/24/2014
CHAMISAL TC 18MX9.0A Andrews,SuzanneSALINASMBChamisal Tennis Club05/26/2014
CLUBSPORT PL 18MX9.0A Wen,JanePLEASANTONDNBay Club Pleasanton05/14/2014
COURTSIDE 18MX9.0A Waird,ShamusLOS GATOSSBBay Club Courtside05/23/2014
COURTSIDE 18MX9.0B Shotter,YurikoLOS GATOSSBBay Club Courtside05/27/2014
CUESTA TC 18MX9.0A Thiessen,FulinMountain ViewMPCuesta Tennis Center05/14/2014
CUPERTINO TC/CUPERTINO SC 18MX9.0A Ma,JessicaCupertinoSBCupertino Sports Center05/05/2014
CUPERTINO TC/CUPERTINO SC 18MX9.0B Wang,HankCupertinoSBCupertino Sports Center05/18/2014
DALY CITY CTA/WESTLAKE PK 18MX9.0A Chang,JoannaDaly CitySFWestlake Park05/27/2014
DIAMOND HILLS 18MX9.0A Dietzel,SaraOAKLEYDNDiamond Hills Sports Club05/01/2014
ELLA HILL HUTCH COMM 18MX9.0A Gracia,AnnaSan FranciscoSFElla Hill Hutch Community Center05/26/2014
GILROY TENNIS CLUB/GILROY TENNIS CTR 18MX9.0A Taylor,GeorgeGilroyMBGilroy Tennis Center04/30/2014
GOLD RIVER RC 18MX9.0A Bui-Thompson,NancyGOLD RIVERSAGold River Sports Club04/28/2014
GOLD RIVER RC 18MX9.0B Joel,VirginiaGOLD RIVERSAGold River Sports Club05/15/2014
GREATER VALLEJO TA/CASTLEWOOD PK 18MX9.0A Wong,JeffVallejoNSCastlewood Park05/13/2014
HARBOR PT 18MX9.0A Macri,JohnMILL VALLEYMAHarbor Point Tennis Club05/05/2014
HARBOR PT 18MX9.0B Grosjean,TorrieMILL VALLEYMAHarbor Point Tennis Club05/09/2014
HIGHLANDS REC CENTER 18MX9.0A Chall,MichaelSan MateoMPHighlands Rec Center San Mateo05/24/2014
HOPKINS PK 18MX9.0A Klein,JunePALO ALTOMPHopkins Park05/19/2014
IN SHAPE: DEMAREE VISALIA 18MX9.0A McAlister,MarkVISALIAFACliff Drysdale Tennis-Visalia05/23/2014
JOHNSON RANCH 18MX9.0A Barlow,JillianROSEVILLESAJohnson Ranch Sports Club05/01/2014
JOHNSON RANCH 18MX9.0B Podlipnik,LisaROSEVILLESAJohnson Ranch Sports Club05/26/2014
LAFAYETTE TC 18MX9.0A Kessinger,JennieLAFAYETTEDNLafayette Tennis Club05/05/2014
LAGUNA CREEK 18MX9.0A Catania,VincentELK GROVESALaguna Creek Sports Club05/06/2014
LAGUNITAS CC 18MX9.0A Heely,JeffreyROSSMALagunitas Country Club04/28/2014
LOS GATOS SR 18MX9.0A Vallejo,RayLOS GATOSSBLos Gatos Swim and Racquet Club05/03/2014
MILL VALLEY 18MX9.0A Hartwell,JeniferMILL VALLEYMAMill Valley Tennis Club05/05/2014
MILLENNIUM-RS 18MX9.0A Cole,KathrineFAIRFIELDNSIn Shape Fairfield Rancho Solano05/05/2014
NATOMAS RC 18MX9.0A Agurto,MichelleSACRAMENTOSANatomas Racquet Club05/08/2014
OAKLAND HILLS 18MX9.0A Bardy,ByronOAKLANDDNOakland Hills Tennis Club05/11/2014
OLYMPIC 18MX9.0A Chasseray,ZeynepSAN FRANCISCOSFOlympic Club05/27/2014
PLEASANT HILL/COLLEGE PARK HS 18MX9.0A Martinez,JoeyPleasant HillDNCollege Park High School05/23/2014
SAN PABLO PK 18MX9.0A De Jesus,JessicaBerkeleyDNSan Pablo Park05/23/2014
SANTA ROSA JC 18MX9.0A Eriksson,BarbaraSanta RosaSMSanta Rosa Junior College05/27/2014
SANTA ROSA JC 18MX9.0B Wong,BlainSanta RosaSMSanta Rosa Junior College05/27/2014
SEASCAPE SC 18MX9.0A Contreras,EricAPTOSMBSeascape Sports Club04/28/2014
SIERRA SPORT 18MX9.0A Worden,RandyFRESNOFASierra Sport & Racquet Club05/28/2014
SILVERADO CC 18MX9.0A Simmons,Caroline R.NAPANSSilverado Country Club04/29/2014
SUN OAKS T F 18MX9.0A Dad,JimREDDINGNCSun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Club06/11/2014
SUN OAKS T F 18MX9.0B Chang,TinyeeREDDINGNCSun Oaks Tennis and Fitness Club06/11/2014
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC 18MX9.0A Dolor,AnalizaSunnyvaleMPSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center04/30/2014
SUNNYVALE TC/SUNNYVALE MTC 18MX9.0B Brittis,AnthonySunnyvaleMPSunnyvale Municipal Tennis Center05/04/2014
WALNUT COUNTRY 18MX9.0A Carbajal,CarlosConcordDNWalnut Country-Crossings05/07/2014
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK 18MX9.0A Tom,GarvinWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center05/02/2014
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK 18MX9.0B Widjaja,FennyWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center05/21/2014
WALNUT CREEK RC/WALNUT CREEK 18MX9.0C Italia,BrianWalnut CreekDNWalnut Creek Tennis Center05/22/2014
YUBA CITY RC 18MX9.0A Ray,BeckyYUBA CITYSAYuba City Racquet Club04/28/2014