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Fountaingrove Country Club-AC
52 teams have gone on to a league championship event since 1998!

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1525 Fountaingrove Pkwy
Santa Rosa, CA 95406
County: Sonoma
Phone: 707-280-2560

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Paidthru: 1/1/1900
Total Number of Tennis Courts: NA
NameJob TitleWork PhoneEmail
Paul ShepherdTennis Professional707-280-2560Send E-mail

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StatusTeamAreaCaptainE-MailStart Date
2020 Mixed 40 & Over
RegisterFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 40MX7.0ASonoma/MendocinoThomas, Ryan Send E-mail 09/09/2019
RegisterFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 40MX8.0ASonoma/MendocinoWestly, Ken Send E-mail 09/09/2019
2019 Combo Doubles
RegisterFOUNTAINGROVE-AC CW6.5ASonoma/MendocinoGiusti-Cobb, Teri Send E-mail 09/09/2019
RegisterFOUNTAINGROVE-AC CW7.5ASonoma/MendocinoCornelius, Amanda Send E-mail 09/09/2019
2019 Mixed 18 & Over
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 18MX7.0ASonoma/MendocinoNgo, Yen Send E-mail 06/24/2019
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 18MX8.0ASonoma/MendocinoCornell, Jennifer Send E-mail 06/24/2019
2019 Adult 55 & Over
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 55AW7.0ASonoma/MendocinoGrelis, Winifred Send E-mail 06/10/2019
2019 Adult 18 & Over
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 18AW3.0ASonoma/MendocinoBedsole, Susan Send E-mail 04/01/2019
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 18AW3.5ASonoma/MendocinoDinardo, Tiffany Send E-mail 04/01/2019
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 18AW4.0ASonoma/MendocinoNulton, Katherine Send E-mail 04/01/2019
2019 Adult 40 & Over
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 40AM3.5ASonoma/MendocinoShaw, Shawn Send E-mail 01/04/2019
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 40AM4.0ASonoma/MendocinoPrice, Terry Send E-mail 01/04/2019
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 40AW3.0ASonoma/MendocinoSchafer, Diana Send E-mail 01/04/2019
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 40AW3.5ASonoma/MendocinoGast, Mady Send E-mail 01/04/2019
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 40AW4.0ASonoma/MendocinoNulton, Katherine Send E-mail 01/04/2019
2019 Mixed 40 & Over
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 40MX7.0ASonoma/MendocinoThomas, Ryan Send E-mail 09/17/2018
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC 40MX8.0ASonoma/MendocinoWestly, Ken Send E-mail 09/17/2018
2018 Combo Doubles
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC CW6.5ASonoma/MendocinoCampbell-Price, Kerry Send E-mail 09/17/2018
ClosedFOUNTAINGROVE-AC CW7.5ASonoma/MendocinoCornelius, Amanda Send E-mail 09/17/2018

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