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Ruby Hill Golf Club
36 teams have gone on to a league championship event since 1998!

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PLEASANTON, CA 94566-3604
County: Alameda
Phone: (925) 461-5257

Web Address: na
Paidthru: 08/31/2020
ID: 920187681
Total Number of Tennis Courts: 4
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Kevin Pope *Tennis DirectorNoneSend E-mail
* Primary Contact

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StatusTeamAreaCaptainE-MailStart Date
2020 Mixed 40 & Over
RegisterRUBY HILL GC 40MX7.0ADiablo SouthTruong-von Garvisch, Khiem Send E-mail 09/09/2019
2019 Combo Doubles
RegisterRUBY HILL GC CW7.5ADiablo SouthKang, Patricia Send E-mail 09/09/2019
RegisterRUBY HILL GC CW8.5ADiablo SouthHarkness, Christine Send E-mail 09/09/2019
2019 Adult 55 & Over
ClosedRUBY HILL GC 55AW7.0A (BOLDERnotOLDER )Diablo SouthLorentz, Jill Send E-mail 06/10/2019
2019 Adult 18 & Over Daytime
ClosedRUBY HILL GC 18AW3.0ADiablo SouthSidhu, Laddie Send E-mail 04/01/2019
ClosedRUBY HILL GC 18AW4.0A (Ruby/Castlewood)Diablo SouthMcNamara, Jennifer Send E-mail 04/01/2019
2019 Adult 18 & Over
ClosedRUBY HILL GC 18AM3.5ADiablo SouthLogan, Joseph Send E-mail 04/01/2019
ClosedRUBY HILL GC 18AM5.0+ADiablo SouthBedard, Michael Send E-mail 04/01/2019
ClosedRUBY HILL GC 18AW3.5ADiablo SouthSage, Suzanne Send E-mail 04/01/2019
2019 Adult 40 & Over Daytime
ClosedRUBY HILL GC 40AW2.5+ADiablo SouthLiu, Stella Send E-mail 01/07/2019
ClosedRUBY HILL GC 40AW3.5ADiablo SouthWilson, Janice Send E-mail 01/07/2019
2019 Adult 40 & Over
ClosedRUBY HILL GC 40AM3.5ADiablo SouthLogan, Joseph Send E-mail 01/04/2019
ClosedRUBY HILL GC 40AW3.5A (Mom Bear's Army)Diablo SouthLorentz, Jill Send E-mail 01/04/2019
ClosedRUBY HILL GC 40AW4.0A (rubycastlemore)Diablo SouthHarkness, Christine Send E-mail 01/04/2019
2018 Combo Doubles
ClosedRUBY HILL GC CW7.5ADiablo SouthHarkness, Christine Send E-mail 09/17/2018
ClosedRUBY HILL GC CW8.5ADiablo SouthOliver, Kristin Send E-mail 09/17/2018

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