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2016 Combo Mens League 9.5

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Message From The Office

Playoffs - Captains may always agree to play earlier, but not later.
First Round – January 6 – 8, 2017 deadline to notify opponent December 12, 2016, 9:00 pm - the date was extended to January 16 for first round playoffs.

All home teams, regardless of when their first round was completed, shall notify the visiting team of the second playoff round date and time by Tuesday, January 17 at 9:00 pm. As a courtesy, teams who have completed the 1stround playoff match, please notify your opponent of the 2nd round match as soon as possible.

Second round – January 20 -22, 2017 deadline to notify opponent January 9, 2017, 9:00 pm

Districts:  February 24 -26, 2017 

Sectionals:  March 25 -26, 2017 


Please note that there will be no extension of time given to complete any segment of play. If a local league match is not played, it will count as a loss for both teams.

Per LLARs, "All playoff matches shall be played." Local League reschedule rules do not apply to playoffs.  The home team has earned the right to reschedule the playoff match if the original date/time is rained out; the away team should expect that the home team will try to reschedule.  Both teams are expected to cooperate, communicate early/often and show good sportsmanship.  

If a playoff match is not completed by the scheduled deadline, then a random method, such as a coin toss, by NorCal will determine the winner.

EXCEPTION: If BOTH captains agree AND if the playoff match is not required for advancement, the teams may agree not to play and will be placed in order of local league standings for placement as the area representative or the wildcard. NorCal must be notified of this decision by both teams. Please refer to LLAR 11c, Scheduling Playoffs.

•Flights with 4 or fewer teams will have a two-team playoff on the designated first playoff weekend.  Team #1 will host Team #2

•Flights with exactly 5 teams will have one extra week of local league season play in order to have 10 matches. The deadline for match play is December 18.  The top two teams will have their playoff on the designated second weekend of playoffs to accommodate this variance.  Team #1 will host Team #2

•Flights of 6 or more and sub-flights will have a 4-team playoff. On the designated first playoff weekend, Team #1 will host Team #4, and Team#2 will host Team #3.  The winners from the first weekend will play on the designated second weekend with the home court advantage going to the team ranked higher at the conclusion of the local league season.  The winner in each flight or sub-flight at the conclusion of playoffs will advance to districts.

If both captains agree, they may hold their playoff matches earlier than the designated timeframe. No extension of time will be given to complete any playoff match.  However, all teams should always expect to play in a playoff round.  If for some reason a team is not able to participate, NorCal will always attempt to offer the playoff opportunity to another team.  All captains in a flight may agree before the season starts to not to hold playoffs and may so announce to NorCal.


• Players may only play for one team at a given level from playoffs through Sectionals.

• Players must have played in two matches during the local league season to participate in playoffs and beyond.  One default will count as one match played.  Retirements count for all players as a match played.

  • To avoid losing home court advantage, plan ahead so that you can post or notify your opponents of the match date and time by the specified deadlines.  Refer to LLAR 11c.  

Playoff Dates for Daytime Teams Only are as follows:

First Round Jan 2 - 6, 2017; Deadline to notify opponent Dec 12, 9:00 pm

Second Round Jan 16 - 20, 2017; Deadline to notify opponent Jan 9, 9:00 pm

  Team Individual
Team Name Captain Email Won Lost Won Lost Sets
1. WALNUT CREEK CM9.5A Jason SworSend email8221923209
2. LAFAYETTE TC CM9.5A Artem MelnikSend email73181230254
3. PLEASANT HILL/COLLEGE PARK HS CM9.5A Joey MartinezSend email36101737282
4. ROUND HILL CC CM9.5A Glen YeungSend email2691537265
5. WALNUT COUNTRY CM9.5A [Banditos] Alfred SisnerosSend email2781942271

PlayOff - 130
Home/away status for playoff matches is determined by a team's standings after the completion of local league matches, or by random draw done in the NorCal office at the start of the season.
  Team Individual
Team Name Captain Email Won Lost Won Lost Sets
WALNUT CREEK CM9.5A Jason SworSend email1030017
LAFAYETTE TC CM9.5A Artem MelnikSend email0103637